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Fender Electric Guitar - The Good and Bad Concerning Fender Bran

Fender has been a trusted guitar company for decades with hundreds of professional guitarists worldwide supporting their products. There's no doubt that they know the business of electric guitars and guitar accessories.

However, if you're a beginning player looking for a new guitar with a certain tone in mind, is the Fender brand right for you? Here are a few of the positive aspects of Fender-made guitars and what they can provide.

* They are more dominant in the mid-range of tone.

Fender electric guitars have a large market in the country and standard rock genres due to their versatile tone quality. They tend to be more mid-range dominant allowing them to provide a little more attack on stage.

* Fenders are light-weight guitars.

If you're the kind of player that enjoys moving around and performing a few tricks, then maybe a Fender is right for you. These guitars are very light and won't hold you back when you're jumping, running, or even attempting some risky guitar whips.

* You can do a little more with a thinner neck.

If you have smaller hands Fender electric guitars are known for providing thinner necks for easy playing action. You won't be straining your fingers or wrist trying to curve around the neck to reach those frets.

These are just a few of the positive attributes regarding Fender guitars, but it might not be what you're looking for as a guitarist. Here's a short list of detrimental aspects that might sway you in another direction.

* You lose a few frets.

Some lead and metal guitarists prefer instruments with a few more frets than normal. Fender electric guitars tend to have less frets so as not to complicate the build. So those last few notes you reach for, they might not be there.

* The action is a little high before you have it adjusted.

Right out of the box, these guitars have raised strings a bit high from the fret board. This is appropriate for harder strumming, but to play with light and fast fingers, the height of those strings should be adjusted at your local music store.

* There's less "meat" in the guitar's tone.

Since Fender electric guitars are dominant in the mid range of tones, there's actually a little less in the bottom end of the sound spectrum. Of course this can be slightly adjusted by the knobs on your guitar amplifier, but you might be a guitarist that prefers a nice boost in bass straight from the instrument.

The Fender company has and will always will produce guitars in a wide variety of models, but they might not be for every guitarist. Do an appropriate amount of research before you decide what kind of guitar is right for you.