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I Wanna Be What You Are to Me

It's bizarre how a line so simple and short can carry so much weight and hold so much meaning. "I want to be, what you are to me." This phrase comes from the song "I Wanna Be" by Tony Rich. It's easy to read, easy to understand, heck it's a collection of mostly one syllable words.

Yet the meaning this phrase carries runs so much deeper. Just imagine a world where everyone's emotions were reciprocated. Fitzgerald's Gatsby or Marquez's Cholera would be non-existent tales as the notion of unrequited love wouldn't exist. Imagine the concept, to be loved as you are loved. There's a lot of power in that feeling of reciprocated feelings.

I wondered at first if this would remove some of the "thrill of the hunt" as you'd be stripping the relationships of the excitement of trying to win someone's heart. However, how much pleasure would you be adding to things by ensuring stability and security in a relationship, giving each party the comfort at knowing the feelings are mutual. No more distrust, no more jealousy. People would view one another with a bond of respect.

It doesn't even have to be about romance. No it's about having all feelings reciprocated. Imagine, friendships where all parties are equal. Where people confide in you and you confide in them with the same level of trust. Of course, hate would function in the same way, but maybe it would make people think twice about talking behind one another's backs.

The ultimate karma. I want to be, what you are to me.