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Rules For Second Wedding Dresses

If you are getting married for the second time, you may be wondering about the rules for second wedding dresses. The great news is that there really are no rules with which you should concern yourself. You can do whatever you want! It is your wedding and the only opinions that matters are yours and that of your spouse to be. That may not help you much, but if you follow some guidelines that may help you choose, perhaps you will feel more confident about what you are going to get as you start your new life with your new love.

First, you are going to hear some people say that you can not get white, gorgeous dresses for your second wedding dresses. This is not really true. You may have some people that whisper about you, but you can deal with that easily enough - delete them from the guest list! If you had a small wedding for your first wedding, or perhaps you eloped or had a civil ceremony, you missed out on shopping for the dress of your dreams. Go ahead and get the dress that you love and have the wedding you want. It may be your second wedding, but it should still be about forever, and you may as well do it right.

Second wedding dresses can be simple if you want them to be, and they can be just as elegant as what most assume is a first wedding dress. If you really feel more comfortable with something that is a bit less like a wedding dress and more like a simple, formal dress, that is okay too. The key is to wear what you feel comfortable. Some ladies prefer this for their first (and hopefully only) wedding and that is because that is who they are as a person. Just don't go this route because someone told you that you have to do so. It really is up to you.

If you are looking for second wedding dresses that are for a bit more of an informal wedding, you can find whatever you like. Perhaps something that is a bit shorter than a full length would be a nice touch, especially if you are getting married in the middle of the summer when it can be quite warm. There are some high priced designer wedding gowns that are going into season now that are on the short side, so it is not like you are bucking the trends. In fact, a shorter dress is in style right now, so go with it if that is what you want.

Overall, your choices for second wedding dresses should be as numerous as those for your first wedding. You are a bit older now, and you know more about yourself than you did the first time you tied the knot. This means you should have an easier time deciding what you want to wear, and you will feel more comfortable wearing it. Your first marriage didn't work out, and hopefully you learned something important from that. Your second marriage will benefit from that and last a lifetime. Don't shortchange yourself because of what people say or think. Make it your day just like any other bride.